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Proposed Festival dates for the coming season 2017-2018
All dates and venues to be confirmed.

5 November  -  Fishguard      Confirmed see below
3 December - Carmarthen

21st January - Carmarthen   Confirmed see below

25th February-  Cleddau

25th March - Bridgend Herons

29th April - Aberystwyth

10th June -  Bravehearts

7th July - Bridgend Herons​​


All players must be accompanied by a carer or an appointed carer

Please make sure you have:
Bravehearts football kit,
Shin Pads
Plastic studded boots.
Plenty of water and food for the day

Please don’t assume the tournament will be cancelled if it’s raining,
you will be notified if the tournament is cancelled for any reason.
Failing to turn up on the day when you have agreed to play lets your fellow team members down, cause’s problems for coaches and the organisers with their fixtures for the day.

Heading 1


(Next tournament details will be added once confirmed)
Apoligies to all
This tournament has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions

hopefully a new date will be aranged soon. 

Our next tournament kicks off at 10am Sunday 21st January 2018
(Please arrive by 9.45am if travelling by car)
 Carmarthen Town AFC
Richmond Park, Priory Street

SA31 1LR